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On this page you will find a constantly changing selection of out-of-the-ordinary communion pieces, sets, and other items. They are often one-of-a-kind pieces. KEEP CHECKING BACK FOR ADDITIONAL ITEMS!

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photo of communion pottery chalices made by Debra Ocepek of Ocepek Pottery
Special-Otoe Chalice Pair
Quantity available: 3 sets of 2

Sale Price: $45.00 for TWO with Free Shipping in USA
Two for less than the price of one! One with carved cross and one without in the set of two. These two sale chalices, imperfect, are suitable for use at camp, retreat, etc. If you're reluctanct to take the good stuff with you on these outings, you might find these useful. The flaw (and the chalice is marked as such) would be maybe a smudge of the glaze, or perhaps a slight tilt of the cup, or something similar. These are approximately 7 1/2" in height, and the capacity is 10 to 12 oz. The pattern is called "Otoe" - a very agreeable combination of earth tone colors, with a speckled cream base glaze accented with brown and blue incised banding. Free shipping in the USA.
photo of communion pottery set made by Debra Ocepek of Ocepek Pottery
Host Box Communion Set Blue
Quantity available: 1

Sale Price: $88.50 set Free Shipping in USA
NEW Wheel-thrown (not molded) stoneware signed communionware set by Debra Ocepek. For serving Christian communion - The set is comprised of a 6.5" diameter Paten, a lidded Host Box 5.5" high to handle top,Communion Cup 2.5" high, and a Finger Bowl 4.5" dia. Not a souvenir, this pottery is created for celebration of the Lord's supper. The set is finished in a shiny, mottled, midnight blue glaze. Not a second, no chips or other damage. This is new, unused, first-quality communion pottery. Made in Ohio, USA. We believe that communion is a unifying element in Christianity. Though practices may vary, the sacrament is basically the same among the Christian family. Hand-crafted, wheel-thrown, not molded. The finished stoneware is lead-free and safe to use. Each piece is made individually, beginning with a lump of clay on the potter's wheel. Our Communionware is produced by a Christian potter. We have been making pottery since 1979. A special price for the set, and free shipping in USA!
photo of travel communion pottery communionware set made by Debra Ocepek of Ocepek Pottery

photo of travel communion pottery communionware set made by Debra Ocepek of Ocepek Pottery
Travel Communion Set Cups and Paten, Basket
Quantity available: 1

Sale Price: $57.50 Free Shipping in USA
This Travel Communion Set is comprised of two 4.5" diameter Patens and two communion cups, 6 oz. capacity. The handsome rustic wicker basket is included free. This pattern is called "Memorial." It is a combination of earth-tone colored clays, glazed only on the inside and rim of the cup, in a dark brown. This is our most rustic-looking design. Warm, earthy and un-polished, and very one-of-a-kind. We feel that it seems to convey a sense of history. Though it is made of sturdy stoneware, it has an earthenware appeal. Free shipping in the USA.

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