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The First Communion and Confirmation Set
Wheel-thrown Stoneware by Ocepek

photo of 1st communion pottery set in Neuhaus glaze made by Debra Ocepek of Ocepek Pottery Communionware

Small Goblet and Plate (First Communion Set)
Goblet Height:
approx. 5 inches
Plate Width: approx. 4 1/2 inches
2pc Set Price: $52.00 / 2 pc. set Free Shipping

or Separately
1st Communion Goblet: $32.00 Free Shipping

1st Communion Paten (Plate): $20.00 Free Shipping

For a special child's First Communion or at Confirmation, why not give an extra special and meaningful gift! This handcrafted, wheel-thrown stoneware 1st Communion Set will be cherished for years to come. It is a simple goblet and plate, created with love and prayer. Ideal for taking first communion and for displaying among favorite possessions after the ceremony. The little goblet is approximately 5" high and will contain about 4 oz. The plate (paten) is about 4 1/2" in diameter. This set was created for use in worship, a special remembrance of the Lord's Supper. Not a "souvenir", not commercially made or molded. It is meant to convey the true significance of the original Lord's supper and not detract from the sacrament; therefore, personalizing is not available.

The first communion set is available in Cream (a neutral, speckled cream glaze,) Neuhaus (dark blue with lighter blue floating accents,) or Memorial (variegated unglazed/brown.) Wheel-thrown, and made of a sturdy high-fired stoneware clay, there is no lead in the glaze and the pottery is safe to use.

photo of 1st communion pottery set in cream, blue and memorial, made by Debra Ocepek of Ocepek Pottery Communionware
Glazes shown: Cream, Neuhaus, Memorial

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