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Wheel-thrown Eucharist Set
by Ocepek Pottery

photo of Memorial pattern Eucharist set made by Debra Ocepek of Ocepek Pottery

Chalice Height: approx. 7.5"
Paten Width: approx. 6.5"
Host Jar: approx. 4.5" high
Cruets: approx. 4.5: high

Shown above is our "Eucharist Set" in the "Memorial" pattern. It is comprised of a Chalice, a 6.5" diameter paten, a Host Jar with natural cork lid, and two Cruets also with cork closures. An excellent combination of pieces for serving communion in varied religious observances, this set also makes a fine gift for new or retiring clergy, or seminary graduates.

The Eucharist Set is available in Spirit (speckled cream with brown and blue incised banding on the Chalice), Memorial (unglazed except on inside and rim of Chalice, Jar, and Cruets), and Neuhaus (mottled blue.)

Eucharist Set

Select Glaze and Cross Option

Cross Option

photo of Eucharist communionware made by Debra Ocepek of Ocepek Pottery
Click below for picture:
Spirit (cream, blue, brown)
Neuhaus (blue)
Memorial (mostly unglazed)


Small Cup $23.00 FREE SHIPPING in USA (2.5" high, 3.5" wide)


photo of Eucharist communion cup made by Debra Ocepek of Ocepek Pottery

Small Handle Bowl

(Vessel for finger washing, oil, or ashes) $27.00 FREE SHIPPING in USA


photo of lavabo, small handle bowls made by Debra Ocepek of Ocepek Pottery

4.5" wide, 1.25" high, side handle. Cap. 4oz.

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